Leonard Hölbling


owner of Mentor Konzult s.r.o., coordinator of legal services

E-mail: holbling@mentorkonzult.eu

Phone: +421 903 704 254

Web: www.mentorkonzult.eu 

Company profile

Leonard speaks Slovak (Native),  English (Fluent), German (Fluent)

Mentor Konzult is an advisory, consultancy and agency service company. Its activities are aimed mainly at the financial sector – financial agents, traders with securities, insurance companies, pension companies, etc.

Mentor Konzult is surrounded by renown professionals (attorneys), who have been active in their fields of study for a long time, and who were meticulously picked up based on their previous cooperation with the founder and who also meets the level of reliability, flexibility and possesses the necessary contacts, of course. Very important part of Mentor Konzult activities rests in cooperation with  excellent accounting and tax company covered by experienced advocates, which represents a unique combination of preparation of accounting documentation in the context of tax contingency and, finally, in potential representation to respective state authorities and courts „under one roof”.

& specializations

Company ensures legal services in connection with its partners (attorneys), in wide range of legal areas, as the financial law, business law, real estates, public law, penal law and civil law


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New software for law firms

Peter Compel, CAG member for the Czech Republic, developed together with Kamar sofware a new application for law firms in CZ and SK. This program helps law firms with time-sheets, monthly billing and invoicing. Once ENG version is prepared, the interested CAG members will evaluate the possible use of this program in other CAG member countries. 

This application is the first commercial project within the CAG network.

You can find the CZ and SK version of this sofware here: 


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Different approach of states to real estate transfer tax? YES.

Do not miss our new contribution in the section „Did You Know…“

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CAG members´ group video call - December 2021

December CAG members´ group video call

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Tax on transfer of immovable property in CZ, SK, BG, SWE, TR

Is there any tax on transfer (or acquiring) of ownership of immovable property (land, buildings, flats) from a seller to buyer?

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