Johan FÖRANDER, Attorney at Law, Founder

Norra Vall Advokater KB

GSM: +46 (0)702–12 22 01 

Company profile

Johan Förander is an attorney and Founder/Partner at Norra Vall Advokater KB in Malmö, Sweden. Prior to that, Johan worked for Ernst & Young as business lawyer 2000–2002, and before that the Faculty of Law of Lund University 1997–2000, law clerk at the District Court in Helsingborg 1995–1997 and legal studies at Lund University 1989–1995. Johan is a member of the Swedish Bar Association since 2005. He practises general business law and his main areas of legal expertise include, GDPR, IT-law, M&A and litigation. Johan is fluent in Swedish (native) and English. He holds a Master of Law degree from Lund University.

Norra Vall Advokater is a business law orientated law firm with office in central Malmö. Currently the law firm comprises five Partners, Johan Förander, Mats Knöös, Roland Jensen, Lars Wallersköld and Mikael Gustafsson. The law firm is independent but benefits from a large network of people and companies, including a lot of business professionals, such as tax lawyers and auditors.

& specializations

General business law, GDPR, dispute resolution, M&A, etc.


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New software for law firms

Peter Compel, CAG member for the Czech Republic, developed together with Kamar sofware a new application for law firms in CZ and SK. This program helps law firms with time-sheets, monthly billing and invoicing. Once ENG version is prepared, the interested CAG members will evaluate the possible use of this program in other CAG member countries. 

This application is the first commercial project within the CAG network.

You can find the CZ and SK version of this sofware here: 


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Different approach of states to real estate transfer tax? YES.

Do not miss our new contribution in the section „Did You Know…“

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CAG members´ group video call - December 2021

December CAG members´ group video call

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Tax on transfer of immovable property in CZ, SK, BG, SWE, TR

Is there any tax on transfer (or acquiring) of ownership of immovable property (land, buildings, flats) from a seller to buyer?

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