Tax on transfer of immovable property in CZ, SK, BG, SWE, TR


Tax on transfer of immovable property

Is there any tax on transfer (or acquiring) of ownership of immovable property (land, buildings, flats) from a seller to buyer?


 Any transfer of immovable property against consideration, save for certain exceptions, is taxable. The taxable base is the purchase price, as agreed between the parties, but not less than the official tax evaluation of the respective real estate. The tax rate can vary between 0.1%-3% and is determined by the respective local municipality council where the property is situated. The tax is payable upon the real estate transfer and is normally borne by the purchaser, if not otherwise agreed between the parties.

Czech Republic

Today, there is not any such tax. Transfer of immovable property has been since 26.9.2020 free of any such a transfer tax.

2016 – 2020: Buyer was a payer of this tax, unless there was an agreement that it should be a seller. Buyer was not a guarantor of such payment.

2014 – 2020: There was a tax on acquiring of immovable things in the amount of 4% of the purchase price.

Until 2014: There existed a tax on transfer of immovable property in the amount of 4% of the purchase price. Seller was payer of this tax and buyer was a guarantor of this payment.


Any transfer of ownership to real estate (with some exceptions) shall be subject to a real estate transfer tax. The rate of this tax amounts up to 3% of agreed purchase price if it is higher than its appraisal value determined acc. to a certain regulation of the Ministry of Finance. Also using a real estate as a non-monetary contribution to a company´s registered capital shall be subject to this ownership transfer tax.  

Moreover, a seller´s income from a sale of a real estate may further be subject to an income tax (should a seller fail to meet conditions for tax exemption). 


There is a “Stamp Tax” on transfers of real estate (not apartments). It is paid by the buyer and amounts to 1,5% (private individuals) or 4,25 % (companies) of the higher of the official Tax Value for the property and the purchase price. One consequence, especially as regards commercial transfers of real estate, is that the real estate is “packaged” into a company and then the shares are transferred instead of the real estate itself.


The buyer pays a tax under the name of „title deed fee“  during the sale process.

The mentioned fee is calculated as 4% of the sales price declared in the title deed for all real estates that are sold.

This rate is 6% for commercial residences/real estates.

In addition to the title deed fee, a revolving fund fee of 265 TL is collected for the year 2022. This expense is a fixed expense and determined by the government each year.

In most cases, it is divided into two as to be paid 2% (%3 for commercial real estate) each by the buyer and seller. 



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Tax on transfer of immovable property in CZ, SK, BG, SWE, TR

Is there any tax on transfer (or acquiring) of ownership of immovable property (land, buildings, flats) from a seller to buyer?

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