Michal KULIC, appraisal expert

Michal KULIČ, owner and CEO

ZNALECKÝ INSTITUT, s.r.o./ Expert Institute Ltd.                 

GSM: +420 608 722 209

Company profile

Michal KULIČ is an owner and CEO at Znalecky institut, s.r.o./Expert Institute Ltd. since September 2010. Michal is a registered valuer expert appointed by the Regional Court in Prague for Economic Valuations of Motor Vehicles. He has an extensive experience in car appraising and claim investigating, and is dedicated to providing the best services with a professional approach.

Before that Michal worked as an insurance assessor for Allianz pojišťovna a.s. for 6 years in years 1999 – 2005. His areas of expertise include cars and machinery valuation. Michal is fluent in Czech (native); he can speak English and has a basic knowledge of German.

Expert Institute Ltd. is a purely Czech company engaged in valuations. With their network of highly experienced experts and appraisers they operate throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. Michal´s firm offers a wide range of services at the highest possible level.
Expert Institute Ltd. is a for-client-driven company dedicated to consulting and services provided by time-effective and cost-effective manner. They value the assets for entrepreneurs, companies and multinational corporations. Their main activity is preparation of expert reports, expert opinions and expertise in the field of economics – prices and estimates, they especially appreciate: movable property, real estate, businesses, shares in companies, property damages etc. Sole traders, companies, multinational corporations, courts and state authorities order their services primarily for purchase and sale of assets, settlement of shareholders, final financial settlement between the leasing companies and tenants, financing of movable and immovable assets of banks and leasing companies, auctions, execution and administration of the bankruptcy, changes in property rights etc. In their automotive division they process expertise in order to determine the reason and extent of the damage, verification of year of manufacture for car services or car repair shops and costing in the calculation program etc.

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New software for law firms

Peter Compel, CAG member for the Czech Republic, developed together with Kamar sofware a new application for law firms in CZ and SK. This program helps law firms with time-sheets, monthly billing and invoicing. Once ENG version is prepared, the interested CAG members will evaluate the possible use of this program in other CAG member countries. 

This application is the first commercial project within the CAG network.

You can find the CZ and SK version of this sofware here: 


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Different approach of states to real estate transfer tax? YES.

Do not miss our new contribution in the section „Did You Know…“

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CAG members´ group video call - December 2021

December CAG members´ group video call

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Tax on transfer of immovable property in CZ, SK, BG, SWE, TR

Is there any tax on transfer (or acquiring) of ownership of immovable property (land, buildings, flats) from a seller to buyer?

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