CAG is an international professional group of attorneys, tax advisors, auditors and appraisal experts. Members of CAG provide services for similar or comparable fees with respect to local markets. Members of CAG are smaller or medium sized enterprises. Each country is represented in CAG by specialists from fields of law, taxes, audit and appraisal. CAG – Cambell´s Advisory Group was founded by Peter Compel in 2014 but iniciated much earlier. Members of CAG are able to help their own clients through other member(s) in other countries. CAG platform primarily focuses on European territory where it is more probable that his/her client could seek for professional assistance.






Slovakia: New Form of Company in 2017

As of January 1, 2017, the so-called simple share company will be introduced in Slovakia

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Czech Republic: Act on proving the origin of the property entered into force

Act on proving the origin of the property, which is one of the key measures of the present government to combat tax crimes, entered into force yesterday, 1. December 2016.

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Czech Republic: Electronic sales reporting

On 1 December 2016, the Act on Eletronic reporting of sale enters into effect. This act regulates a new system of providing and collection online information by the tax authorities on all cash payments received.

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