CAG is an international professional group of attorneys, tax advisors, auditors and appraisal experts. Members of CAG provide services for similar or comparable fees with respect to local markets. Members of CAG are smaller or medium sized enterprises. Each country is represented in CAG by specialists from fields of law, taxes, audit and appraisal. CAG – Cambell´s Advisory Group was founded by Peter Compel in 2014 but iniciated much earlier. Members of CAG are able to help their own clients through other member(s) in other countries. CAG platform primarily focuses on European territory where it is more probable that his/her client could seek for professional assistance.






New software for law firms

Peter Compel, CAG member for the Czech Republic, developed together with Kamar sofware a new application for law firms in CZ and SK. This program helps law firms with time-sheets, monthly billing and invoicing. Once ENG version is prepared, the interested CAG members will evaluate the possible use of this program in other CAG member countries. 

This application is the first commercial project within the CAG network.

You can find the CZ and SK version of this sofware here: 


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Different approach of states to real estate transfer tax? YES.

Do not miss our new contribution in the section „Did You Know…“

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CAG members´ group video call - December 2021

December CAG members´ group video call

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Tax on transfer of immovable property in CZ, SK, BG, SWE, TR

Is there any tax on transfer (or acquiring) of ownership of immovable property (land, buildings, flats) from a seller to buyer?

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